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Wisgloo is an all-in-one community platform that lets you interact with your users and sell them courses, products, or memberships. Own your audience, convert them into your super fans.

Why use Wisgloo for your community?

Wisgloo is highly customizable and supports multiple use-cases. Power your community using Wisgloo today.

Product & brand communities

Having an internet community is a super-power for any business. Increase customer self-service, boost sales and learn about what your customers want you to build. Convert your super fans into an evangelist for your product. Chat in realtime with visitors to your products.

Digital downloads

Sell digital downloads of any kind, including eBooks, audio books, PDF’s, cheat sheets, checklists, video files, audio files and text. Just upload your file and you’re ready to sell your download, or offer it for free as a lead magnet.

Online courses

Create online courses and coaching service. Host unlimited files, offer payment plans, quizzes, and more. Generate more revenue from your courses by attracting Wisgloo users through the discover page.

School communities

Provide a space for your students, parents, and teachers to engage. Share resources, discuss schoolwork, and stay organized. Respond to public enquires and assist with new admissions. All in one place!

Podcast & Webinar communities

Host podcasts and webinars for your audience. Sell your webinars or give them away for free to build your email list. Create an event on Wisgloo to notify your audience in advance, deliver them live and share replays, all in one place.

Wisgloo has all the recipes to create, grow and measure your community all in one place.

Increase customer engagement

Engage your customers in peer-to-peer discussions & online/offline events.

Powerful analytics & customer data

Own 100% of your customer's data. Get complete data of your post's impressions and engagement rate.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Resell and/or cross sell to your customers. Earn more from a single customer.

Share product roadmap & updates

Communicate upcoming product launches. Get the voice of the customer on your roadmap.

Make users discover you

Gain more users organically by getting to the first page of Wisgloo Discover.

Spam & ad free

Treat your customers with a delightful ad free experience. Setup alerts on keywords and ensure spam-free community.

Integrated payment portal

Connect your bank account to get paid instantly, with no delays or additional transaction fees.

Direct messaging

Chat in realtime with visitors to your products. Enable peer-to-peer messaging between your customers.

While we are in beta, you could still try out the app. We are looking for feedback to improve the product.

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